Solent Shockwave Therapy (SST) is the brain child of two specialists in the field of orthopaedic surgery and physiotherapy

Over the past 6 years we have successfully served over 300 clients across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

They both have been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of common tendinopathies for the last 20 years.

Although conservative treatment can be very effective, there are a number of patients who fail to progress as expected. It is mainly that group of patients that interested the specialists to train and invest in ESWT. The ability to use this technology allowed the specialists to now treat every patient, even if patients had failed to improve with conservative treatments.

ESWT has been used extensively with elite athletes during London Olympics 2012, Wimbledon Tennis and in The Premiership, however this treatment was not available to the general public.

The Shockwave Therapy machines we use are manufactured to the highest quality by Storz Medical in Switzerland. These machines are medically approved by many authorities around the world and offer an exceptional level of quality, so you can be guaranteed that you are being treated by highly trained specialists using the highest quality machines – unlike many other manufacturers of lower quality machines.

Providing this high end specialist treatment and technology, to the general public, at an affordable cost is the main aim of SST. There are many success stories of how Shockwave Therapy has been used to treat the many conditions that people have leading to long term pain relief.

We offer the option for practitioners to rent our machines for us in their own clinics to be able to offer their clients an exception level of service and improve their quality of life substantially. Our machines are used in clinics such as The Physiotherapy Centre in Waterlooville, Hampshire with very high levels of success.


Shockwave Therapy comes in several shapes and sizes! We offer both Radial and Focussed Shockwave Therapy. Click the button to find out more.


If you are curious to hire an ESWT for your clinic then have a look at what is on offer to you, and contact us to discuss.