Not all shockwaves are the same! Solent Shockwave Therapy are one of the few clinics that can offer Radial Shockwave and Focused Shockwave … they can also be combined to aid certain conditions.

Radial Shockwave

It can be used on major joints such as shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, as well as soft tissue injuries.

Treatments are fast and the benefits, including reduced pain, can be felt almost immediately.

Radial Shockwave has excellent results in both chronic and acute conditions.

Storz Duolith Focused Shockwave SWT Machine

Focused Shockwave

Focused shockwaves offer a smaller focal point than radial shockwave products and can precisely target specific areas of the body.

This degree of focus means that Focused Shockwave can treat problems to a deeper level than radial. And is especially effective for sports injuries, urology and management against superficial pain relief.

What Radial and Focused Shockwave can treat …

Both of these types of shockwave therapy can be used on many conditions, your practitioner will be able to discuss the appropriate shockwave for your particular condition.